Does Sun Loan Check Credit

Does Sun Loan Check Credit: Sun Loan Company was started in 1988 with a branch in San Antonio, Texas. Now, it has grown to have more than 280 offices across seven states:

  • Alabama
  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

Sun loan finance

Sun Finance runs an online platform where people can find loans and credit options. They offer different types of loans, like small, personal, and consumer loans. They operate in many countries like Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Mexico.

The company provides short-term loans, a line of credit, and installment loans. Sun Finance uses advanced data processing models to determine the risk of lending money to customers, and it considers a lot of information, up to 10,00 different data points. They also use Hello Soda technology to verify their customers’ identities.

What is Sun Loan?

Sun Loan Company offers personal installment loans to provide quick cash who need money. They have multiple branches in different states where they operate, and brows can repay the loan on any branch.

Each branch has its manager who is responsible and manages everything related to the Sun loan company, like ensuring that borrowers receive individualized and attentive service.

Does Sun Loan Check Credit

Sun loan company

Sun Loan Company is a financial institution that provides personal installment loans for people who need quick money. They started this in 1988 and are baked in San Antonio, Texas. Sun Loan Company has grown and offers services in six other states: Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Illinois, Missouri, and Texas. This article will give you information about Sun Loan Company and answer common questions. 

How does Sun Loan work?

Sun Loan offers personal installment loans to people who need quick cash in emergencies. To apply for a loan, you can visit one of their branch locations and only have to fill out an application form. You must provide them with your details, employment information, and proof of income. Their loan officers will carefully review your application and decide the loan amount and repayment terms that suit your needs.

Once approved, you will receive money and must repay it according to the agreed schedule. You can repay the amount by going to one of their branches or setting up automatic debits from your bank account. It’s important to repay the payments on time to avoid late fees.

Sun loan requirements

Depending on the location, you must know the terms, interest rates, and loan amounts for installment loans. Repayment terms are fixed and can change from 4 to 48 months. You don’t need an active checking account to qualify for a loan.

To get a loan, they require the following:

  • Contact Information: Have a working phone number and email address.
  • Income Verification.
  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Proof of Residence: Provide documentation showing your current address.
  • Identification: You need a valid government-issued ID.
  • Checking Account: Maintain an active checking account in your name.

To apply for Sun Loan, you have three options: you can apply online, over the phone, or visit their local store location. The loan approval is based on some information like credit history, personal income, and other financial commitments. Once approved, you must visit the local Sun loan branch to get the amount.

How long does Sunshine loan take to approve

The time Sun Loan Company takes to get money is based on where you live and how much money you’re borrowing. Usually, if approved for the loan, you can get the money in on 1 or 2 days. The method of receiving the money can affect the timing. If you choose direct deposit, it can take more days to process.

Remember that meeting the requirements doesn’t guarantee loan approval. A loan officer will review your application and decide the loan amount and repayment terms that work best for you. For more details about the loan, you can contact their customer service.

Sun Loan Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Available in multiple statesThe fast and easy application process
Fast and easy application processHigh Annual Percentage Rates (APRs)
The fast and easy application processLate payment fees can be substantial.
Accessible to individuals with poor creditAvailability is limited to select states
Flexible terms for installment loans

Sun loan waco

If you live in Waco and need a personal loan or need help filling taxes, contact any sun loan company branch location. No matter what you are going through, Sun Loan Company will provide you with a loan with an easy and fast process. This company is known for responsible lending and accurate tax services. They will set the monthly loan payments to only what you can afford. Not only this, but their customers can also build credit simultaneously. This will create a stronger financial future for everyone.

Does Sun Loan Check Credit

Sun loan decatur il

If you are in Decatur, IL, and need a personal loan or assistance with tax filing, you can visit a Sun Loan Branch location. And if approved, you can repay the amount on one of these branches. They specialize in responsibly providing loans; they give a quick and straightforward process. This company is known for its accurate tax service. They will set monthly loan payments that fit your budget, making managing your finances easy. You have the opportunity to build your credit history, which can lead to a stronger financial future.

Sun loan Jacksonville Illinois

Sun Loan is a trusted company. It offers installments of up to $7,500 to help you with financial issues. They understand that life can bring unexpected expenses, like home repairs or medical bills, and they are here to provide the assistance you need. Affordable monthly payments make it easier for you to manage your finances.

In addition to loans, sun loans have expanded its services to include tax preparation, credit rebuilding, and financial guidance. They are licensed, audited in all states they operate and regulated, ensuring they comply with all laws and regulations. With over 230 offices across 7 states, Sun Loan is conveniently accessible to help you with your financial needs.

Sun loan near me

Sun loan company is a business that specializes in providing small installment loans directly to consumers. It was started by Thomas L. Brundage in San Antonio, Texas, in 1988 and has grown to have over 250 offices in 9 states. They mainly offer installment loans, where customers receive cash and agree to repay the borrowed amount and a charge for using it.

The charge will include processing fees. The loan repays on monthly bases. Unlike traditional loans, it does not require collateral or security. Instead, they focus on the customer’s character and ability to make payments when making loan decisions.

Loan Amounts Vary by Location

Min. Loan AmountMax Loan Amount
Missouri $150.91$4,502.24
New Mexico$150$4,505.20

Sun loan reviews

Sun Loan Company offers different types of loans, but they especially focus on installment loans that can be used for various things. Still, it’s important to note that their services are only available in specific states. One good thing is that you don’t necessarily need a bank account to receive your loan or make repayments. However, this company is criticized for its lack of transparency regarding rates and fees, which may lead some people to explore other options.

BBB accreditedNo
BBB RatingB
BBB Customer Reviews1 out of 5 stars, based on 1 customer review
BBB Customer Complaints33

Sun Loan operates through physical branch locations. At the same time, you can start it online. You will need to complete it either in person or over the phone. Once approved, you must visit the nearest branch to collect your check.

Sunshine Loans near me

You can borrow amounts up to $2,0000 with Sunshine loans. If you apply on a weekday, your account will be processed and debited on the same day. The repayment structure depends on how often you get paid. For example, if you are paid weekly, the payment will divide into four installments to make it easier for you to repay the loan.

The repayments will be structured as one or two monthly payments if you are paid fortnightly or monthly. Repayments are done through direct debit, but you can also make manual payments using BPAY, bank transfer, or a bank deposit. If you want to repay the loan early, there will be no penalty fees.

Who owns sun loan company?

Patel Shirishkumar Ramanlal is the Founder and CEO of Sun Loan Company.

Is sun loan company legit?

Sun loan company gets 1.5 stars out of 5 in customer reviews. This means that most people who have used their services had negative experiences. There can be different reasons to borrow money when it comes to taking a loan. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to conduct thorough research and compare rates from different lenders before taking a loan decision. This ensures that you secure the best possible deal and avoid taking out a loan that may become unaffordable.

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