Tripoint Lending Personal Loans Reviews – Better Business Bureau Reviews 2023

Tripoint Lending Personal Loans Reviews: TriPoint Lending offers personal loans who need quick money because of unexpected expenses. And they also help with managing debt. This is a reputable and trustworthy company.

What is tripoint lending?

TriPoint Lending offers loans to those who need loans with bad credit. They are connected with Alleviate Financial LLC.

Tripoint Lending gets A+ ratings from BBB (Better Business Bureau), and BBB consists that It is a trustworthy company. In the last 3 years, they have 8 complaints, and last 2 years, 2 of those complaints were resolved.

Tripoint Lending – Tripoint Lending Personal Loans Reviews

TriPoint company was started in 2017 and offers different types of personal loans. They work from Irvine, California, and they got an A+ rating from BBB, and BBB says that this is a trustworthy company. That’s impressive!

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Tripoint Lending Personal Loans Reviews

Tripoint lending personal loans

Tripoint Lending provides personal loans who need quick money because of thighs like putting debt together, home fixing, or unexpected bills. If you want to apply, fill out a very quick online application.

They talk about different amounts with different repayment times, so it can match what each persona can do. They will charge interest rates depending on the customer’s creditworthiness, and generally, the interest rates will be low.

Tripoint Lending also has customer care people who handle and solves the customer’s loan-related problems. Regarding its approach and offerings, Tripoint lending is similar to beneficial Funding and Alliance One Funding.

Tripoint lending credit score requirements

TriPoint Lending doesn’t require a certain credit score to be approved for the loan. But if your credit score is below 640, the interest rates they will charge can be expensive, so it might not be a good option. If your credit score exceeds 700, you must get good loan terms and deal from TriPoint Lending.

Before applying for the loan, get the proper information about the lender and read the terms and conditions, then choose the best one that suits your needs. Don’t borrow the amount which you can’t pay on time. Otherwise, you will be in a trap of debt consolidation.

LendingPoint personal loans reviews

LendingPoint personal loans will be a good option for you if you need quick money with bad credit and fair terms. You can easily see the rate you will pay before applying for the loan.

Tripoint Lending Personal Loans Reviews

This is important to understand that you might not get a higher amount than other lending services. They don’t allow a co-signer or use something valuable as a backup on your application. They will also tell two of three big credit bureaus about your payments so that you can improve your credit score if you pay the amounts on time.

Loan amount$2,000 to $36,500.
APR7.99% – 35.99%.
Minimum credit scoreLoans aren’t available in NV, WV, or WY.
FeesOrigination: 0% to 8%.
Funding timeSame or next-day.
Repayment terms2 to 5 years.
Loan availabilityLoans aren’t available in NV, WV or WY.

Tripoint lending reviews

Tripoint Lending got an A+ rating from the BBB and is happy to show this. But by April 2023, seven customers got problems and complaints from the company. There are also not-so-good reviews presented.

People complained about this company because they received calls that they didn’t want and offers that weren’t what they thought. One person got a letter which was saying that he was pre-approved for the loan, but when they applied, they got an offer for combined debt instead. They figured out it was for debt later.

It’s important to understand that when you give your contact to TriPoint Lending, you say it’s okay for them to call you. You have to say that you don’t need that calls. You can also join the National Do Not Call Registry to control these calls.

Alternative lenders for personal loans


The Upgrade was started n 2017 and provides people with an easy and fast way to borrow money and use banking services online. Since then, Upgrade has made more than $3 billion in credit available to over 10 million applicants and continues to improve its online and mobile services daily. Their interest rates can be high, but they also offer loans with bad credit.

Tripoint Lending Personal Loans Reviews

The Upgrade has a mobile application, making it easy to see how much you owe, pay, and update your info. They also have an option named ‘’Credit Health’’ which helps you keep an eye on your credit score while you repay your loan.

A low minimum credit score is needed.High range of APR (interest rates).
Can use loans for business costs.Charges fees for starting the loan, late payments, and not enough funds.
Offers direct lender payoff for consolidating debts.

Universal Credit

Unversal Credit is a loan lending website where you can get personal loans ranging between $1,000 to $50,000 through their partners. You can take 3 to 7 years for repayment.

Tripoint Lending Personal Loans Reviews

But there are some bad things about this website. The interest rates they charge are very high. They also add a fee of 5.25% to 9.99% on the amount you owe.

Easy to qualify for.High-interest rates (APRs).
Money can come the next day.At the start, all loans have a 5.25% to 9.99% extra fee.
No extra fee for paying back early.


LendingClub is a loan lending website that was started in 2007. It’s like people lend money to each other. It is the best loan and biggest that offers personal loans. LendingClub has helped over 3 million customers, giving out over $55 billion in loans. It works almost everywhere in the US except Lowa and some other places.

Tripoint Lending Personal Loans Reviews

If you want to put all your debts together, this website will help you. They offer a special loan for this. They will also pay your old lenders directly. This way, you can easily choose how much to pay each one with your new loan.

Can pay off other lenders directly with a balance transfer loan.Extra fees at the start and for being late.
You can apply with someone else (co-applicant).Not many choices for how long to pay back.
Open for people with okay to very good credit.Interest rates can be high.

Is tripoint lending legit

Yes, TriPoint is a trustworthy and legit company. TriPoint lending was started in 2017, as mentioned on its BBB page. They are two loans, Payday loans and managing loans. TriPoint Lending gets a 4.01 rating on BBB, which is very nice, And an A+ rating. They have been accredited since 2018.

Why personal loans are better than credit cards?

1. Personal loans offer you loans, give you money at once, and have low-interest rates. You will repay the loan in a certain time with fixed payments.

2. Credit cards are like a pool of money that you can use wherever you want. You can use it till you can’t get over the limit.

3. Your credit card matters a lot when deciding whether you can get a personal loan or a credit card. It also affects how much the interest rates and fees will be.

Tripoint lending reviews BBB?

Tripoint lending got a 4.01 rating with an A+ on the BBB website. So it is a trustworthy and good choice if you want to get a loan.

Is tripoint lending a legit company?

Yes, It is a legitimate company.

Is tripoint lending good?

Yes, it will the good option for you if you need quick cash with fair terms.

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